Adult Bible Classes

At Trinity we have people from a variety of backgrounds and life stages. So we offer a variety of Adult Bible Classes to choose from that meet at 9:45am on Sundays. Every class seeks to provide Christian fellowship and the study of God’s Word.

Ladies - Ladies of all ages and backgrounds meet for fellowship, encouragement, and Bible study. The Ladies ABC meets in the Ladies Classroom in the Worship Center building.

Young Adults - This class is made up of young adults (married and single) in their 20's through early 30's.  As we study God's Word and fellowship with one another, our goal is to lead and empower our generation to know Christ, grow in Christ, and show Christ to the world.  This class meets in the Education Center main classroom.

Young Median Adults - This class is designed for men and women in their mid-30's through 40's who are seeking to find a balance in their life for their children, their spouse, their work, their church, and God. Lessons from God’s Word are used to provide a proper balance for life.  This class meets in the Corner Coffee House.

Median Adults - This is a gathering of people primarily in their 50's. Raising teens, sending kids off to college, dealing with career pressures and financial security are just some of the challenges we face. Together they seek God’s purpose and direction in managing our life.  This class meets in the Life Builders 2 classroom.

Senior Adults - This class is predominantly men and women 60 and up. They enjoy  fellowship and searching deep into God’s Word as they continue their spiritual journey through a community of caring believers. They find support to face life’s challenges and encourage one another through meaningful Bible study.  This class meets in the Prime Time classroom.