Trinity preschool and Children's ministry

Here at Trinity, our  goal is to teach kids to first love God, love others, and serve both. As your children grow here, they will be given opportunities to live out the faith they have been taught. We not only want them to know the love of God, we want them to experience it and share it with the world.

Trinity Children's Ministry

Trinity Kids and Preschool Ministry exists…

"To partner with parents to grow children and families in wisdom, faith, and love both at home and at church. Our desire is to develop a foundation of faith for kids to build on, and equip them to serve others for the Kingdom of God."

Available for your Children:

Sunday School
We have Sunday School classes available for children birth through 5th grade at 9:45am. The children are currently learning the life of Jesus,and how to apply what He teaches us to our lives today.

Children’s Church
Children's church meets on Sundays, at 11:00am, during the service. The children are taught, at different levels, to worship through Bible lessons, song, and activities.

Trinity City

Trinity city is for children kindergarten - 5th grade. 

In Sunday School, the kids are currently going through the life of Jesus in the Bible. The kids learn through hands on lessons, activities, and music just how much Jesus loves them. 

In children's church, the kids are going through BIG curriculum, where they are learning various lessons throughout he Bible to teach them God's word and allow them to commit it to memory. The older children are given more areas to serve to allow them to live out the lessons they have learned. 

Trinity Town

Trinity town is for 4 and 5 year olds

In Sunday School, the children are learning about the life of Jesus and How he loves them and created them for a purpose. The children learn these lessons through activities, songs, and play. 

In children's church, the children are learning core truths throughout the Bible. These lessons help the kids to understand who God is and how He loves each one of them.  

Trinity village

Trinity Village is for toddlers ages 2's through 3’s meet for play and worship. 

In Sunday School, they are learning about the love Jesus has for them through various activities and Bible stories. 


The nursery is for children infant through 3 years. The nursery is open for Sunday School and church, as well as, Wednesday nights. Our staff is here to show your babies the love God has for them. We teach the children worship through songs and play. 

Awana Clubs

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