Small Groups

What are small groups?
Small groups provide a context in which you can build meaningful friendships with other believers that encourage you to grow in your relationship with Christ.  They are designed to be relational and meet the need for fellowship.  The focus is not the Bible study, but the building of relationships through fellowship.  You can expect a very relaxed and casual atmosphere as you build solid relationships with other believers without any pressure or expectations.

When do they meet?
Most Small groups meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm. Others meet at various days and times throughout the week.

Where do they meet?
Although we have a couple small groups that meet on campus, most groups meet at a host home.  Some groups rotate homes throughout the year.

Is child care provided?
Each group is responsible for their own child care.

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone.  We have all kinds of different groups with different interests to choose from.

How can I get involved?
Any Adult Bible Class that meets at 9:45am each Sunday can provide you with more information.  This information can also be found in the lobby of our church.  You can also call the church office at 325.673.4796 for more information.